KSM 440 | 460

Monocrystalline pholtovoltaic module

POWER RANGE | 440W - 460W
CELL SIZE | 182mm


Waterproof protection grade: IP67/IP68 Safety Level: Class II
Maximum System Voltage: 1500V outstanding waterproof level
Effectively resist harsh environments
Strong machinical load resistance up to 5400Pa  Anodic oxidation layer resistant to chemical corrosion available in silver and black.
Half-cut Technology
New circuit design, lower internal current and lower internal resistance loss.
Significatly avoiding heat spot
The unique circuit design to reduce the temperature of heat spot signifi cantly, so that to reduce the power  loss and then increase the output of modules.
Lower cost
Increasing power generation can reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour.
Excellent performance of PID resistance
The performance of PID resistance (Potential Induced Degradation) passed the standard of TUV Nord.


Qualifications and Certificates


10 Years
Guarantee on product material
and workmanship
25 Years
Linear Power
output warranty